The new Devire report „IT Salaries in Poland — the first half of 2023” sheds light on salary trends

As Poland’s IT industry enters the third quarter of 2023, a comprehensive analysis of salary trends and remuneration rates is now available in the recently released Devire Report, „IT Salaries in Poland – the first half of 2023.” This report sheds light on the dynamic landscape of IT earnings in Poland, offering valuable insights for job seekers, employers, and industry professionals.

Stabilization Amidst Shifting Market Dynamics

In 2023, the IT labor market in Poland experienced a slowdown, with significantly lower rates of employment growth compared to the previous year. However, the first half of the year witnessed stabilization in several key indicators, including salaries, financial expectations, and HR budgets related to employment.

What You’ll Find in the Report

The „IT Salaries in Poland – the first half of 2023” report offers a wealth of information, including:

Current Salary Trends: Gain insights into the salary trends for various positions in the IT industry.

Precise Earnings Data: Access precise data on earnings in the first two quarters of 2023, presented within the range of the most frequently offered rates.

Expected Wage Increases: Discover remuneration growth forecasts for the upcoming quarters, enabling you to stay ahead of salary trends in the IT job market.

Expert Insights: Benefit from valuable insights from leading experts in the field. Each section is preceded by insights from Devire specialists who engage in IT recruitment daily.

Who Will Earn the Most in 2023?

As we look ahead to the coming months, experienced IT specialists can anticipate a slight increase in their remuneration, while novice workers may experience slight fluctuations or minimal drops in their earning levels. The report provides detailed salary ranges categorized by experience levels and positions, encompassing both permanent employment contracts and hourly rates for B2B contracts.

Explore Remuneration Levels in Various IT Areas

The Devire report covers remuneration levels across a broad spectrum of IT areas, including:

  • Business Applications
  • Data Analysis
  • Business and System Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Testing/QA
  • Software Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • DevOps/Cloud
  • General Management

The „IT Salaries in Poland — the first half of 2023” report is an essential resource for HR experts and industry professionals seeking to stay informed about the evolving dynamics of Poland’s dynamic IT sector. For more information and to access the full report, please visit Devire’s website.

About Devire

Devire is a leading recruitment agency in Poland specializing in the IT industry, providing comprehensive solutions from IT Contracting, through Recruitment Process Outsourcing, to IT Permanent Recruitment.

Devire has released a new report on the Polish IT job market in 2023

Devire has researched the needs and expectations of IT employees in the labor market and the HR representatives working with them. The latest report, ’The Polish IT Job Market in 2023 HR Challenges – IT Expectations’ provides a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of HR departments in managing the IT employee experience, as well as a picture of the Polish IT industry in 2022.

A quantitative survey of 544 respondents, as well as qualitative data collected from internal and external sources, allowed Devire’s experts to delve deeper into issues related to the latest trends in the IT labor market in 2022, highlighting the main challenges facing the IT industry and trends for next year. The report also includes comments from experts in both the HR, recruitment and IT fields.

„I am proud that Devire is looking to actively shape the labour market by sharing our observations in the report The Polish IT Job Market in 2023. HR Challenges – IT Expectations. The experiences of our experts, acquired over the course of several thousand recruitment processes, carried out in partnership with a hundred businesses in 2022, has allowed us to present this picture of the Polish IT job market. In these times of dynamic market changes, knowledge is invaluable for maintaining competitiveness and being able to make the right decisions. In this report, we look at the current expectations of IT employees and how these expectations are perceived by HR departments. I trust that the report will prove to be a substantive guide in what is a period of adaptation to the new reality of the labour market.” Michał Młynarczyk, CEO Devire Group

Among the most interesting data, it can be noted, for example, that a raise of at least 51% of the current salary is a factor for almost one in five IT experts that would convince them to change jobs. As many as 56% of surveyed IT workers are not actively looking for a job, but are open to suggestions. Among surveyed IT workers working remotely, as many as 76% would rather quit their jobs than return to the office. In addition, you will find in the report, among other things, a summary of HR and IT expectations on the issues of benefits and initiatives, the effectiveness of counteroffers and preferred work models.

The main trends forecast by experts in the IT labor market detailed in the report ’The Polish IT Job Market in 2023 HR Challenges – IT Expectations’ are:

– A desire for higher wages for fewer hours

– Preference for working from home and getting paid in foreign currencies (euros, dollars)

– Returning from remote work to the office is possible, but only on IT employees terms

– Increasingly significant in the workplace is meeting the need for stability and participation.

’The Polish IT Job Market in 2023′ report is a must-read for HR and IT professionals about the most important needs of employees and focus on the challenges that the sector is set to face in the near future. It is available in both Polish and English version.