About Us

Devire Group: Delivering HR Excellence through Technology.

Our Story

In today’s hyper-globalized world, we observe the rapid evolution of the digital landscape. Competition for top talents remains fierce.


In the current ever-evolving business environment, the companies to move forward need to tackle the digital and innovative challenges with ease. At Devire Group, we stay one step ahead of a changing world. We believe that people are still the driving force behind progress. An effective change in today’s disruptive world must be done holistically through human-related technology.


Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, companies are able to respond more effectively to these fast-paced challenges. Devire Group connects people with organizations using technology with a human touch. In line with our motto: Finding people who click.


Our company draws on a long experience in traditional recruitment of Devonshire company, established in 1987. Since 2017 Devire Group has constantly been challenging the HR business by its platform that combines HR outsourcing with innovation and technology.


After successfully disrupting the recruitment industry in Poland and Germany in 2019, we moved forward and established our offices in the Czech Republic. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for delivering a powerful impact for the thousands of the world’s leading organizations.

Our Culture

Our teal business culture is the key to our success.

Our people have high autonomy in their domain, and they bring unprecedented levels of professionalism, consciousness, and enthusiasm. This synergy is greatly engendering Devire’s competitive advantage.


We believe that growth is driven by an inclusive culture. That’s why we commit to fostering and empowering an equitable workplace. Diversity is the foundation of our work for our customers, partners, and workforce.


The empowerment of our employees is crucial to the success of our company. People are at the heart of our culture. Therefore, we believe that the happiness of our employees is an important factor in our success.


As a digitally native HR Tech provider, we use the power of technology to connect people. We closely monitor the market, trying to quickly identify new phenomena and meet the challenges of disruptive technologies head-on.


Being a challenger is at the heart of our cultural DNA. With a bold mindset, we constantly look forward to quickly and efficiently meeting our clients’ demands and driving the change they need in their businesses. Agility and transparency help us build relationships based on trust.

Our values steer the way we work with partners, clients, and candidates alike, as well as the people we have on board. They have also inspired natural growth through reputation and referrals, turning us into one of the CEE’s most trusted HR solution & technology providers. Agile. Driven. Empowered. The combination is unbeatable.

We have cultivated a unique set of values to bring the right people together. Drive, Agility and Empowerment are our watchwords and guiding principles:

We are driven.

We’re driven by an inner commitment to our business partners. Our team ambitiously and quickly adapt to today’s ambiguous and turbulent business environment.


We proactively address a gap between the client’s needs and industry possibilities, challenging the current status quo. Our inner drive leads us to better outcomes for our clients and partners. With no excuse.

We are agile.

Embracing agility, Devire Group is able to adapt quickly to the world and its changing ever faster technology. We’re nimble, and we can learn and expand our knowledge a lot faster than the most prominent players on the market.


Thanks to our openness for change and technical novelties, we tailor our approach to the needs of each organization. Agility is our super-power.

We are empowered.

At Devire Group, our employees are given an appropriate level of autonomy to carry out their work. ​​

They are bold enough to make decisions and respond with courage. As a result, they are way more adaptive, creative, and resilient.


People’s empowerment grants rapid and flexible responses to our customer’s demands.

Michal Mlynarczyk | CEO

The human approach to cutting-edge technology empowers visionary organizations to drive the future of the business. At Devire Group, we believe that it’s crucial to embrace technology and remain human to meet heightened expectations and even surpass the competition in the current omnipresent digital business landscape.

Our locations

Thanks to our strategic locations in the CEE region, we offer robust solutions at the local level and the glocalize approach on which businesses worldwide can rely. Devire Group’s experts operate from principal business centers in the following business hubs:


Recruitment in Poland


Czech Republic

Recruitment in Czechia



Recruitment in Germany



Recruitment in Portugal


Our people



As the Devire Group CEO, Michal  has built an enviable record and reputation in the European staffing and outsourcing industry.


VP Poland & Outsourcing Managing Director

As VP Poland & Outsourcing Managing Director, Mikolaj Makowski successfully leads and manages Devire’s Outsourcing Division.


Group Chief Financial Officer

Krzystof holds the position of Group CFO. He is responsible for the overall financial strategy and growth of Devire, which significantly exceeds clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations.


Group Marketing Director & Head of Technology Program

Przemek Czechowski is the Marketing & CRM Product Director at Devire Group.


Group Finance Team Leader

As Group Finance Team Leader, Aneta drives group budgeting & financial analysisi processes.

Beata Pucyk

Group People Director

Beata is a seasoned HR professional with a wealth of experience in human resources management.