Devire Group Launches Flaire to Revolutionize the IT Recruitment Processes

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Devire Group launches new brand – Flaire – a croudstaffing IT recruitment platform chalenging Polish IT recruitment market.

Crowdstaffing is an innovative way of hiring that enables freelancers to deliver high quality, exciting recruitment opportunities. In this way, Flaire wants to leverage the experience of talented freelancers and create a new, flexible recruiting model for the IT industry.

The new brand takes advantage of dispersion, digitalization and a resilient approach to provide access to high quality, verified and exciting IT projects.

“Flaire aspires to become the vanguard of modern IT recruitment on our market. Leading the way in transforming recruitment services and leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and talent, we connect clients with the best IT experts available. The solutions Flaire offers will empower businesses to meet their needs in a more cost-effective and efficient manner,” says Krzysztof Kobylinski, Head of Flaire.

Devire Group is committed to reinventing the employment market and the launch of its new brand Flair is another step in the process of leading this change.

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